Despite some recent negative connotations, Transformation is not only a business imperative but also a national necessity.

Business sustainability and social cohesion are dependent on Inclusive Growth and in developing a  workforce that is accurately representative of South Africa’s diverse population.
This process is intended to unite, not divide South Africans and create a more inclusive and prosperous future for all - It  cannot be achieved through conquest, conflict or extortion.
It is essential that organisations adopt a corporate culture where diversity is optimized to enhance productivity, free from all forms of discrimination and with equal opportunity for all.
Success lies in the ability to adapt and evolve in a constantly changing environment - Key to this is aligning yourself with professionals with in-depth knowledge and understanding of exactly what is required and how to get there. 
Established in 2004, LJ Consulting has been at the forefront of transformation in South Africa.
Our core philosophy is commitment to the growth and empowerment of the private sector’s most valuable asset - it's Human Capital.
We assist organizations with their BBBEE objectives by developing and project managing transformation strategies - with strong emphasis on Skills Development, Employment Equity and Management Control.
We follow a holistic approach in advising, planning and implementing strategies to develop a skilled and equitable workforce, ensuring compliance with all regulatory bodies.
We partner with a wide range of reputable organizations who benefit from our extensive experience and understanding of the processes required to survive in a rapidly shifting business landscape. 
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The lack of progress in the transformation of South Africa’s workplace, as reported in the 17th Commission of Employment Equity report, released this week, comes as no surprise.

The legislative framework to transform the country’s economy – namely, the Employment Equity Act, No. 55, 1998; the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Amendment Act, 2013; and the Codes of Good Practice – can only succeed through consistent and unwavering implementation.

 "Without transformation,
growth will reinforce inequality;
without growth, transformation will be distorted by patronage." 

- Pravin Gordhan

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