Avoid time consuming and unclear administrative frustrations!
As registered Independent Skills Development Facilitators, we act as liaison between our client, training providers and SETA's to ensure proper project management, compliance and reporting structures. We advise and assist with... 
  • All/correct documentation related to monitor- ing structures listed
  • Compile/submit monthly reports to SETA
  • Arrange facilitation reports, attendance registers etc from Training Provider
  • Facilitate quarterly Site Visit reports with SETA
  • Facilitate/submit relevant Progress Reports from Workplace Mentors
  • Budgets, Implementation/Roll-out Plans etc
  • Submit relevant invoices, training expenses etc at correct intervals
  • Submit Closure reports 
  • Submit Assessment Reports 
  • Submit Moderation reports 
  • Assistance with Tax rebate form completion and other general compliance
  • Correct documentation/record keeping for BBBEE reporting
  • Ensure programme is strictly implemented according to SETA contract/SLA requirements
  • Ensure relevant documents are submitted timeously and in correct format
  • On-line registration of learners and all supporting documents to SETA
  • Coordinate agreements/MOU's between client and other stakeholders (Learners, Training Providers, Host Organizations etc)
  • Workplace mentorship guidelines, structures, activities, documentation, timelines etc
  • Budgets, Implementation/Roll-out Plans etc
  • Direct intervention/corrective actions on any problems arising
  • Follow up on payments from SETA according to contract/SLA requirements
  • Regular updates/feedback and support to client
  • Registration with the respective SETA as the appointed SDF
  • Collation of annual data related to Skills Development plans/align to BEE objectives
  • Compile and submit WSP/ATR in accordance with SETA requirements
  • Monitor Mandatory Grant reconciliations from SETA (quarterly)
  • Submit Discretionary Grant applications in accordance with WSP/PTP
  • Ongoing liaison with SETA to secure SLA
  • Coordinate preliminary contact sessions with SETA and other regulatory bodies
  • Source Training Providers and identify most appropriate interventions
  • Source candidate/assist in interview process
  • Source Host Company (if necessary)
  • Learner Workplace placement 
PIVOTAL Programmes require a tremendous amount of coordination - particularly when funded. 
Upon acceptance of training grants, the Employer signs a contract with the SETA and agrees to rigorous monitoring and reporting processes. Coordination is further compounded in the roll-out of large numbers of learners / programmes and as more stakeholders become involved.